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Do you want to perfect your thesis, dissertation, essay, lab report, reflection, research proposal, grant proposal or any other academic text?

If you are looking for a professional proofreading and feedback service, then you have come to the right place.

Our Page Doctors are qualified PhD researchers and post-doctoral researchers who will meticulously review and enhance various aspects of your document to ensure its accuracy, clarity, and adherence to academic conventions.

What we do?

Our proofreading and feedback services can be a valuable resource for students, researchers, other academics and prospective students. By providing a fresh pair of eyes to review your work, this service can help to identify errors and areas that need improvement. This will lead to a more polished and professional final product.

We use Track changes on Microsoft word so you can see the changes from start to finish.

Our service includes two crucial aspects of academic writing:

(1) English Language clarity includes checking your spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. 

(2) Academic fluency includes checking and providing feedback on the structure, style, flow of discussion, depth of critique and use of references.

Our editors are all current PhD students or PhD holders. They’re experts in their field and in academic writing. They’ve read hundreds of research papers and know what good work looks like. They’re the best people to help and support you with your work.

Here are some of the benefits of using our service:

Improved accuracy: we will identify and correct errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation. 

Improved clarity: we will improve the clarity of your writing by suggesting changes to sentence structure, word choice and organisation. This will make your work easier to read and understand.

Improved style: we will help you improve the style of your writing by suggesting changes to tone, voice, and overall presentation. Increased confidence: our touch will give you the confidence to submit your work knowing it has passed an expert’s check first. 

  • Grammar and syntax – we will correct any basic errors that can affect the quality of your work e.g.typos, incorrect punctuation and misspelt words.

  • Grammatical errors – we will carefully examine your document for subject-verb agreement, verb tense consistency, correct word usage, commas, semicolons and quotation marks.

  • British vs American English – we will rectify any spelling mistakes, typographical errors or inconsistencies in spelling styles.

  • Clarity and coherence – we will make sure that your work is clear, easy to read and well-structured.

  • Capitalisation and formatting – consistent use of capitalisation for heading and titles, with proper formatting of text, such as italics, bold, and underlining.

  • Homonyms and confusing words – pay attention to words that sound alike but have different meanings (e.g., “their” vs. “there” or “its” vs. “it’s”).


  • Flow and structure – we will provide feedback on sentence structure, paragraph coherence and logical flow.

  • Clarity – we will suggest revisions or rearrangements to improve the overall clarity and readability of the document.

  • Organisation – we will evaluate the overall structure and organisation of the document, including the introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

  • Flow of ideas – we will suggest improvements in the flow of ideas, transitions between sections and the overall logical structure.

    Style and tone – we will ensure that your work is consistent in style and tone.

  • Academic style – we will suggest revisions to refine the tone, eliminate jargon and maintain a formal / scholarly style.

  • Clarity of arguments and evidence – we will assess the clarity and effectiveness of the arguments presented, ensuring that they are supported by appropriate evidence and examples.

  • Persuasiveness – we may suggest revisions to enhance the persuasiveness and coherence of the arguments.

  • Overall quality – we can provide an overall assessment of the document’s quality, offering suggestions to enhance the clarity, coherence and impact of the writing.

  • Expected grade – if you provide us with a graded mark scheme, let us know you’d like a predicted grade and we can provide this for you.

  • Academic style and formatting – we can check that the document adheres to the specified academic style guide (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago) by checking in-text citations, references, footnotes, and bibliography entries.

  • Use of headings – we will comment on the correct usage of headings, subheadings, font styles, margins, and page numbering.

  • Cross-referencing and citations – we can verify the consistency of citations and cross-references within the document, checking in-text citations.

  • Abbreviations and acronyms – correct use and explanation of abbreviations and acronyms.

  • Table of contents and headings – checking the accuracy and consistency of headings, subheadings, and table of contents entries.

  • Page breaks and section breaks – we will review if page breaks and section breaks are appropriately placed and do not disrupt the flow of the content.

Pricing and Returns

(per 1000 words)


48 hours return
£ 28

Next day

24 hours return
£ 37

Same Day

5 hours return
£ 49

How to make an order

Proofreading is vital for academic work as it ensures accuracy, clarity, and professionalism. Errors in grammar, spelling, and formatting can undermine the credibility of your research and ideas. Clear and coherent writing aids effective communication, especially for complex concepts. Proper proofreading showcases your commitment to academic integrity and attention to detail. It aids readers, reviewers, and peers in focusing on your content rather than being distracted by mistakes. 

In academic settings, error-free work can positively influence grading and evaluation outcomes. It’s a key step in the revision process, leading to improved writing and a stronger final product. For publishing opportunities, meticulous proofreading adheres to publishers’ guidelines and increases acceptance chances. Ultimately, proofreading enhances the quality, impact, and professionalism of your academic endeavours.

Feedback is vital for improving academic work. It offers an external perspective, highlighting blind spots and suggesting ways to enhance quality, clarity, and structure. Peers and mentors catch errors, ensuring professionalism. Positive feedback validates strengths, while constructive input identifies areas for refinement. 

Feedback fosters learning, strengthens arguments, and refines communication. It aligns work with audience expectations and prepares it for publication. By embracing feedback, you engage in iterative improvement, develop resilience to critique, and grow professionally. In academia, feedback is a cornerstone of enhancing critical thinking, communication, and research skills, leading to higher-quality academic outcomes.

Good feedback is specific, clear, and actionable. It highlights strengths and areas for improvement, providing concrete examples for illustration. Balancing positive aspects with constructive suggestions, it supports growth without discouragement. 

Effective feedback is contextually aware, considering goals and audiences. It’s respectful and empathetic, acknowledging effort and challenges. Encouraging dialogue, it fosters a two-way conversation for deeper understanding. 

Timeliness is key—deliver feedback when it can impact adjustments. It aligns with recipients’ objectives, aiding their progress. Importantly, it promotes growth by offering solutions, acknowledging progress, and encouraging the continuation of efforts.

Constructive feedback nurtures a mindset of improvement and open learning. Both giving and receiving feedback skillfully contribute to personal and professional development.

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