What is the all-in-one Proofreading & Feedback service?
Tailored proofreading and feedback may include;

English spelling mistakes + typos

Grammar + punctuation

Choice of academic words

Feedback may include;

Strength of critical discussion

Paragraph structure and layout

Style of results discussion

Sentence clarity

Can I send in work on the weekend or holidays?
We work everyday of the year
What is the quickest return time?
4hr express*

*this needs to be submitted before 7pm GMT, see below for more info.

How much more do I pay for the express services?
The express services carry an additional surcharge to your total. For the 4hr express the surcharge is 75% and 25% for the 24hr express service.
What is the maximum word count that I can send in?
We don’t have a maximum word count but any document over 10000 words may need to extra time to complete, please contact us on info@thepagedoctor.com for more info
Is my Page Doctor an expert in my subject area?
Our editors are all current PhD students or holders. This is what makes The Page doctor unique, Our Page Doctors have been through it all already and know what good work looks like.
Can you write my essay?
We don’t write any work at any stage. We only offer proofreading and feedback with
Can you guarantee a grade?
We can’t guarantee any grade we can only provide feedback based on your mark scheme.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept card payment, bank transfer and paypal.
Can I send parts of my document?
Yes you can
Do you accept supporting documents?
Yes we encourage sending us supporting documents to help our editors with your work.
Can you help me plan my dissertation or essay?
Yes we can, please see our 1-1 sessions where you can have an hour session with our consultants to help plan your work.
What support can I get from the Book An Hour service?
package is the most tailored option for you. You will be booked in with our top Page Doctor consultants. Our consultants have years of experience mentoring students at university level and are post-doctoral researchers.
Do you offer discounts?
We occasionally offer discounts on our services, look out for our discount codes on our socials
Can I specify the referencing format e,g, Harvard or APA?
Yes you can, we encourage as much information as possible for our editors to help with your work.
Can you check my references list?
Yes we can, please clarify this on your submission
Do you help with university applications?
Yes, our editors are highly experienced in writing, editing and reviewing personal statements, particularly for competitive university courses.
How can I remove the Track Changes comments / edits panel?
Please see helpful link from Microsoft

Or better yet check out this video on Dr Amina Yonis’s youtube channel


Can you check for plagiarism?
At the moment we can’t check for plagiarism but watch this space
Can you support any subject area?
All our editors are proficient and proofreading and feedback on all subject areas but please see our editors page to see if your subject has a specialist.
Can I get a refund if I’m not happy?
Of course, if you feel like you work hasn’t been up to standard we can look at your case and
Does Dr Amina edit my work?
Currently Dr Amina doesn’t provide proofreading and feedback but she does offer mentorship please see details below
What are The Page Doctors working hours?
We’re available 24hrs a day 7 days a week
Can I send a 5hr job return any time?
We can’t accept 5hr requests after 7pm .
Where can I leave a testimonial?
Please see our trust pilot page here https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/thepagedoctor.com
What happens to my work once you send it back to me?
We delete all your work in compliance with GDPR.

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It’s nice to meet you.

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