What is the all-in-one Proofreading & Feedback service?

If you have a completed written essay, dissertation or thesis and need an expert to check over your work, then this service is for you. Our PageDoctors are qualified PhD researchers who will content edit and check the spelling, grammar and punctuation of your dissertation.

Our proofreading and feedback service includes:

1. Proofreading for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors: The service will check your work for basic errors that can be easily missed, such as typos, incorrect punctuation, and misspelt words.

2. Clarity and coherence: The service will ensure that your work is clear, easy to read, and well-organised. This includes checking for sentence structure, paragraph coherence, and logical flow.

3. Feedback on content: The service will provide feedback on the content of your work, including suggestions for improvement, areas that need more development, and any inconsistencies or gaps in your arguments.

4. Style and tone: The service will ensure that your work is consistent in style and tone, and that it is appropriate for your intended audience.

5. Timely delivery: The service will deliver your work in a timely manner, taking into account the return time selected at checkout.

6. Confidentiality: The service will respect the confidentiality of your work and not share it with anyone without your permission (see our privacy policy for further details).

We use Track Changes to make our edits and feedback. This will allow you to view the edits made and accept the changes, perfecting the document.

We advise you to attach a supporting document to your order at checkout e.g. mark scheme, rubric or supporting document. This will help your PageDoctor in knowing your audience, requirements and to tailor the feedback provided.

Can I send in work on the weekend or holidays?

Our services are available all year around, including weekends and public holidays.

For example, if you submit a 48 hour job on Friday at 5pm, your work will be returned to you on Sunday by 5pm at the latest.

Our only limits are on 5 hour requests, which are available between 8am – 6pm GMT Mon-Sun.

What is the quickest return time?

The quickest return time for our services is 5 hours. 1-1 tuition/consultations can be booked as early as 24 hours after an order is received.

For a quicker return or meeting, please contact us at support@thepagdoctor.com for a tailored quote.

How much more do I pay for the express services?

Additional charges apply to express services. The 5-hour express incurs a surcharge of 75%, while the 24-hour express service incurs a 25% surcharge.

We guarantee the return of your document/s within the time requested.

What is the maximum word count that I can send in?

We accept documents of any length. For documents over 10,000 words, contact us on support@thepagedoctor.com for a personalised quote. Please note, an express return of 5 hours may not be possible for documents over 10,000 words.

Is my Page Doctor an expert in my subject area?

The Page Doctor is the first educational platform whereby our PageDoctor team are current PhD researchers or PhD degree holders (Post-docs). This means that they have already gone through the rigorous academic process and possess a deep understanding of what constitutes quality work. As a result, our PageDoctors are uniquely qualified to provide exceptional editing services.

Your PageDoctor will be ensuring that your structure, flow and clarity are excellent. PhD researchers are excellent at academic writing because they have undergone extensive training in writing and research as part of their doctoral program. Writing is an integral part of the research process, and a significant portion of a PhD researcher’s time is spent on writing and communicating their research findings.

Your PageDoctors are excellent because:

1. Experienced – PhD researchers have years of experience in academic writing, including writing research proposals, literature reviews, research papers, and dissertations.

2. Structure: Academic writing follows a specific structure and format, which PhD researchers are trained to follow. They understand how to organise their writing and present their ideas in a logical and clear manner.

3. Clarity: PhD researchers are trained to communicate complex ideas in a clear and concise manner. They know how to use appropriate language and terminology to convey their ideas effectively.

4. Research skills: PhD researchers are skilled in conducting research and synthesising information from various sources. They know how to incorporate relevant research into their writing and cite their sources appropriately.

5. Feedback: PhD researchers receive feedback on their writing throughout their doctoral program. They learn how to incorporate feedback and revise their writing to improve its quality.

Overall, the combination of experience, structure, clarity, research skills, and feedback make PhD researchers good at academic writing and will be an excellent source of support for you, regardless of your subject and background.

Can you write my essay?

We DO NOT write essays, dissertations or any other academic text.

You should not use any essay writing services for a number of reasons:

1. Recruiting another person to write your academic assignment is a form of CHEATING as the work produced is not entirely your own. This can undermine your academic integrity and the institution they attend.

2. Essay writing services involve PLAGIARISM, which is the act of using someone else’s work or ideas without proper citation. Plagiarism is a serious offence in academic and professional settings, and using an essay writing service will expose you to such accusations.

3. Essay writing services do not foster the necessary skills of critical thinking, research, and writing, which are essential for academic and professional success. You will miss out on the opportunity to develop these skills, which are critical in the long run and will be useful in exams and the workplace.

If you are struggling, you can book a 1-1 tuition session with one of our PhD researchers who can support you through the research, planning and structuring of your work.

Can you guarantee a grade?

At The Page Doctor, we believe that every student has the potential to achieve a first class degree through effective education and hard work. We are confident in the quality of our support and resources, and if you are willing to put in the effort, we are confident that you can achieve your academic goals.

While we cannot guarantee a specific grade, as final assignment grades depend on a range of factors determined by your university, we can provide feedback based on your mark scheme.

If you would like us to provide you with a recommended grade, please leave a comment in your order notes, and we would be happy to assist you.

What payment methods do you accept?

We are pleased to offer our customers a wide range of payment options. We accept all major credit and debit cards, including PayPal.

If you are facing any issues with payment, please contact us at support@thepagedoctor.com or leave us a message on our website chat box.

Can I send parts of my document?

Yes, we can edit parts of your documents, although it would be more beneficial for your PageDoctor to view the whole document. If your document is very long (i.e. a PhD thesis), individual chapter edits would be a suitable option. In these cases, we usually pair you up with the same PageDoctor for the entirety of your document.

Please provide this information in your order notes.

Do you accept supporting documents?

Yes, we accept supporting documents.

Here are some common documents that you may wish to provide to your PageDoctor to better tailor the feedback:

1. Assignment instructions: outlines the requirements and expectations for the assignment, including the topic, formatting, length, and deadline.

2. Rubric: this is used by instructors to grade and evaluate assignments based on a set of criteria, including content, organisation, and style.

3. Previous examples: examples to help guide you and demonstrate what is expected.

4, Feedback: after submitting an assignment, you may have feedback from their instructor and a second chance to improve on your work.

To include this document in your order, attach your supporting file to the checkout page where you also have the opportunity to add order notes.

You can also reply back to the automated order email with a supporting document or additional comments.

Can you help me plan my dissertation or essay?
Yes we can, please see our 1-1 sessions where you can have an hour session with our consultants to help plan your work.
What support can I get from the Book An Hour service?

This service includes individualised academic support in a one-on-one setting. The goal of the PageDoctor is to provide individualised support to help you achieve your academic goals.

During the hour tuition, you can get the following support:

1. Providing subject-specific instruction: your PageDoctor may work with you to review and clarify concepts and theories in a particular subject area.

2. Assisting with assignments: your PageDoctor will help you understand the requirements of an assignment, provide guidance on how to approach the assignment, and review and provide feedback on drafts of the assignment.

3. Developing study strategies: your PageDoctor can help you develop effective study habits and time management strategies to improve their academic performance.

4. Developing a thesis statement: your PageDoctor can work with you to develop a clear and concise thesis statement that reflects the main argument of the essay.

5. Outlining the essay: your PageDoctor can help you develop a detailed outline of the essay, including the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

6. Identifying relevant sources: your PageDoctor can assist the student in finding and selecting relevant sources to support the argument of the essay. Your PageDoctor can help you develop critical thinking skills, such as analysing arguments, identifying biases, and evaluating evidence.

7. Providing feedback on drafts: your PageDoctor can review and provide feedback on your essay drafts, including suggestions for improving the organisation, clarity, and coherence.

8. Providing academic support: your PageDoctor will provide general academic support, such as help with note-taking, test-taking strategies, and time management.

9. Mock PhD / job interview: your PageDoctor will run through your personal statement and CV, asking you appropriate questions for the position you are applying for.

The one hour service is your time completely to overcome your academic challenges and you are in very experienced hands!

Do you offer discounts?
Keep an eye out for our exclusive discount codes on our social media pages, as we offer occasional discounts on our services. If you’d like to send your work for a second edit following your first edit, we do offer 50% off – please contact us on support@thepagedoctor.com to request a discount code.
Can I specify the referencing format e,g, Harvard or APA?
Yes – include the referencing style required in your order notes at checkout. This is particularly important if you are including your in-text citations and reference list within the document submitted.
Can you check my references list?
We read through everything within the document sent through to us within the word count. Accurate references are worth 10-15% of your assessment grade – so, it’s worth sending them in to us to check.
Do you help with university applications?

Our team of experts are highly experienced in writing, editing, and reviewing personal statements. Our services are tailored to help students secure admission into competitive university courses. We understand that crafting a compelling personal statement can be challenging, which is why our team is dedicated to helping students highlight their strengths and achievements effectively.

We will help you develop a personalised statement that showcases your strengths, achievements, and ambitions. With our expert guidance, you can be confident that your personal statement will make a lasting impression on university admissions officers, and increase your chances of securing a place in your dream course.

In addition to the content, our university application service includes full proofreading & feedback.

We have a high success rate of getting students into their desired courses.

How can I remove the Track Changes comments / edits panel?

We use Track Changes to make changes to your document and add comments for feedback.

Track Changes is a feature that allows you to make changes to a document while keeping a record of those changes. When Track Changes is turned on, any edits or additions made to the document will be highlighted in a specific colour, and any deletions will be shown as a strikeout. You can choose to accept or reject each individual change, or you can accept or reject all changes at once.

To turn on/off Track Changes in Microsoft Word, go to the “Review” tab and click on/off the “Track Changes” button. This will activate the feature, and any changes you make will be tracked. Click on the “Review” tab at the top of the screen. To view your feedback comments, locate the “Comments” section on the right-hand side of the ribbon.

To view a comment, click on the comment bubble icon that appears in the document’s margin next to the text it relates to. To accept a comment, click on the “Delete” button in the “Comments” section of the ribbon. This will remove the comment from the document. If you want to keep the comment but remove the tracked changes associated with it, click on the “Accept” button in the “Changes” section of the ribbon. This will keep the comment in the document but remove the tracked changes.

Click on this link for support.

Can you check for plagiarism?

Plagiarism is considered a serious academic offence and can lead to consequences such as a failing grade, academic suspension or expulsion, and damage to one’s reputation. It is essential to properly cite and reference sources when using outside material in academic work to avoid plagiarism.

We do not have a plagiarism checker, however, we do check that the tone and flow of the essay is consistent.

Can you support any subject area?

We accept requests for support in any subject.

PhD researchers are skilled at reading and comprehending material across various subjects due to their advanced education and training. PhD researchers develop strong critical reading skills that enable them to understand complex and technical material from a wide range of subject areas.

Many PhD researchers have interdisciplinary training, which allows them to bridge gaps between different fields of study and apply knowledge and methods from one field to another. This makes them well-equipped to read and comprehend a wide range of subjects, even those that may be outside of their specific area of expertise.

Can I get a refund if I’m not happy?

We take pride in offering high-quality services and resources to our customers. However, due to the nature of our business, we do not offer refunds on any of our products or services. We encourage our customers to review our products and services carefully before making a purchase decision.

If you are not satisfied with our work, please contact us.

We reserve the right to refuse any refund request, at our sole discretion. Please see our refund policy for further details.

Contact us at support@thepagedoctor.com to report any issues.

Does Dr Amina edit my work?

Dr Amina Yonis does not accept requests for reviewing work, however, completed jobs are regularly quality controlled by her.

If you’d like to book a 1-1 tuition session or mentorship with Dr Amina Yonis, please contact us for her fees.

What are The Page Doctors working hours?

Our services are available all year around, including weekends and public holidays.

For example, if you submit a 48 hour job on Friday at 5pm, your work will be returned to you on Sunday by 5pm at the latest.

Our only limits are on 5 hour requests, which is available between 8am – 6pm GMT.

Can I send a 5hr job return any time?
Our limits on 5 hour requests are between 8am – 6pm GMT.
Where can I leave a testimonial?

Click here to leave a Trustpilot testimonial:


you can follow these steps:

1. Go to Trustpilot’s website: Go to www.trustpilot.com and search for The Page Doctor.

2. Click “Write a review” and rate your experience: select the number of stars that best reflect your overall experience with The Page Doctor.

3. Write your testimonial: in the text box provided, write a detailed testimonial about your experience, including details about the product or service, customer service experience, or anything else that you think would be helpful for others to know.

Your testimonial will be posted on Trustpilot’s website for others to read and feel confident that The Page Doctor will elevate their academic achievements.

What happens to my work once you send it back to me?

We delete all your work in compliance with GDPR after returning your work back to you.

As part of our compliance with GDPR, we are committed to protecting the privacy and personal data of our users. This includes deleting all user data from our systems upon request or at the end of the relevant retention period. This may include any work or content created or uploaded by the user. We take data privacy and protection seriously and are committed to upholding the highest standards of data protection and security for our users.

Please see our privacy policy for more information.